Just Keep Writing

flower drawn by Miriah's daughter

flower drawn by Miriah’s daughter

My intention is to write a series of posts about what it’s like to be a beginning writer, aspiring to “author-hood” and trying to get that first story published. Eventually I hope it becomes a series of posts about getting that second and third story published, but now I’m getting ahead of myself.

One thing I’ve found is that it is far too easy to get distracted or intimidated by the white screen of a new Word document, or a blank page… or a new blog sitting there for over a week without an initial entry. Waiting for inspiration or for an end to “writers block” is just another form of procrastination (in my opinion). I feel it’s important to just keep writing.

I try to write something every day. It may be pure cr*p, or it may be brilliant (at least from my point of view), but I keep writing. Because when I take time to write I am informing my brain that this is important to me. This is the part where we are having fun.

I’ve been reading a book, “Creating Short Fiction” by Damon Knight. It was recommended to me by a new friend: Christy, pen name Folly Blaine. It’s a quick read, but also I find myself going back to re-read a passage and just sit and think about it. In particular, the section on engaging and collaborating with one’s creative unconscious self was meaningful to me. Mr. Knight even named the creative part of his brain (I haven’t tried this yet). So I’m making a greater effort to nurture my creative self.

For instance, if I have an idea rumbling around in my head, I write it down. That tells my creative brain the idea is important, and clears my analytical brain to move on and think about something else. I also pay attention to when my right brain is active and ready to work. Personally, I’ve found that mid-morning and late at night are the times when my unconscious mind is the most productive. If at all possible I write in the mornings, and sometimes I get up in the middle of the night to write.  (Now I know why I often have trouble sleeping.)

I celebrate the tiny accomplishments. I finished a story, yay! I submitted a story, yay! My Dream Catcher story was “passed on to the next round of consideration” (this news came a week ago) Yipee!!!

And now I’ve posted my first blog entry. Yes!

Just keep writing!


6 responses to “Just Keep Writing

  1. A worthwhile beginning.


  3. Writing inspiration will come and go, but keep at it!

  4. Ignore books on writing – just write! If Damon Knight was any good as a writer he wouldn’t be writing books on writing!

    • lol. I really should point out that Damon Knight was a well-known science fiction author. He also taught Clarion workshops for thirty years. However, I think I know what you mean. The best way to improve my writing is to write!

  5. The brain is a muscle, and muscle needs exercise! Keep at it; that’s all any of we writers can do!

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