Fiction in 100 Words

Mini-stories conveyed in EXACTLY 100 words (as counted by MS Word) simply for the fun and challenge of writing within tight constraints. Also known as “Drabbles”, I’ve posted them on the forums.

House Rules, posted on 27 November 2012, here

“Stop. Where are you going?”


“Not until we talk about what happened last night.”

“What’s to talk about? I babysat. We played Candyland. Joey was asleep by eight o’clock.”

“We agreed you could move back in on the condition you don’t have anyone over. Not without our permission.”

“My friends came over after Joey was asleep. He didn’t see anything.”

“At least you were using condoms. I can’t even believe we’re related!”

“Pfft! You’re such a prude since you married Paul.”

“Our house. Our rules.”


“Momma? I heard shouting.”

“It’s okay Joey. Your grandmother was just going out.”


Home for the Holidays, posted on 9 November 2012 here

It was bad enough my son chose that appalling lifestyle, Officer. I couldn’t tolerate it in my home.

The table was laid out when he arrived. I’d spent all day in the kitchen preparing the holiday fare he loved as a child. Mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, and stuffed turkey roasted to perfection.

Then he put that repulsive dish in the center of my table, next to my lovely turkey, without the barest hint of remorse or apology.

Picking up the carving knife is the last thing I remember.

Surely no one could expect me to try tofu.


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