Fiction in 100 characters

“Twabbles” or “TwitFics”

These are micro-stories conveyed in EXACTLY 100 characters that I wrote for the fun and challenge of writing within tight constraints. I was posting them on the forums.  (sizer here)


At the hike’s end we found seal skins scattered all over that beach. “Let’s go,” I said. “But first, let me take a Selkie.” <<14 May 2014>>

I saw my wife lean over the freezer and I had to go for it.
The blue pills are great, but we’re not welcome at Kroger anymore. <<9 October 2013>>

“Job worth doing is worth doing well,” says he.
I stroke the whetstone with a dull blade. “Next time you be executioner.”       <<17 April 2013>>

She finally talked him into a piercing. But while she picked out the stud he wondered what Prince Albert had to do with it. << 23 March 2013>>

This is your romantic evening shopping list?
Rope, latex gloves, plastic sheeting, hack saw, shovel, bleach.
No wine?  << 26 Feb 2013>>

Cleaned the spattered blood and thought I got away with it. But earrings and accusations lay hidden between the sheets. << 19 Jan 2013>>

I’ll try the fricative and labial consonants again when I’m done masticating. But I still don’t understand the clitic. << 19 Jan 2013 >>

“Enough negative entropy,” the cat pleaded with Maxwell’s demon, “please don’t
open Schrödinger’s box a ninth time!” <<23 Dec 2012>>

Spread by a Christmas tree vector, temps above 65°F triggered hatching; 98.6°F was ideal for the alien’s larval stage. <<17 Dec 2012>>

Translation? She said you rolled a critical fail against your sword thrust skill and failed to connect for 2d +1 damage. <<15 Dec 2012>>

“It’s what you do with it that counts.” But, one look at his twabble convinced her. A double entendre’s size does matter. <<9 Dec 2012>>

A shiver of anticipation ran down her spine. She waited for Frosty, old silk hat in one hand, snow cone syrup in the other. <<25 Nov 2012>>

Locked her up to shut out that voice for NaNoWriMo. But apparently it was only my INTERNAL editor that needed silencing. <<7 Nov 2012>>

What zombie could resist Black Friday shopping with free sweetbreads and coffee? If only it hadn’t cost an arm and a leg. <<1 Nov 2012>>

This Samhain (November) eve, oidhche Shamhna shona dhuibh, a h-uile duine! (Happy Halloween night to you, everyone!) <<31 Oct 2012>>

Using the Weight Watcher’s food tracker is so frustrating. Gingerbread: 7 points per serving. Child: not even listed! <<27 Oct 2012>> This one was chosen for the twabble of the week for Drabblecast 271!

Sensual, slippery, slick beneath my caress. I dip into your slimy goodness, lick sweet juice from my fingers, Pumpkin. <<18 Oct 2012>>

Mutilated flesh rots in the November sun. Zombie apocalypse survivors anticipate Thanksgiving pie transformation. <<19 Oct 2012>>

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