Urban Green Man

My Green Man story, “Green Salvage” was accepted for The Edge publishing’s Green Man anthology, edited by Adria Laycraft and Janice Blaine. It will have an introduction written by one of my most favorite authors, Charles de Lint. The anthology is scheduled to be released in August. The table of contents is posted here.

Green Woman with Rowan Berries

This Green Woman is on the wall over my desk;-)

I am utterly thrilled. The prospect of having something I wrote in a book with Charles de Lint’s name on the front cover was a huge motivator for writing a story that might fit. Plus, I love green man (and green woman) mythology. “Green Salvage” is my favorite of the stories I have written, and I am grateful to the editors for putting the anthology together, because otherwise I might not have written it.

Thursday evening I got to actually meet Charles de Lint. He and his wife MaryAnn Harris were speaking at the Pacific Northwest Writers Cottage in Issaquah.  Charles and MaryAnn were delightful, so warm and personable. They sang a song Charles wrote about Johnny Cash – his dog, and a song he wrote for (the amazing) Terry Windling, “Cherokee Girl”. Charles talked quite a bit about writing (most of the audience were writers after all).

I bought “Under My Skin”, book one in Charles de Lint’s new “Wildlings” YA series. When he was signing it for me, I mentioned the Green Man anthology and that I had a story in it. (I was so nervous I was shaking.) He shook my hand and congratulated me!

And that is the absolute highlight of my writing experience so far!

Happy Writing!

3 responses to “Urban Green Man

  1. Congratulations on the story.

    We have a Green Man in our garden. We are able to put nuts in its beard. The squirrels come and collect – wonderful to watch.

  2. Hi Miriah, Janya Here. I wrote Churel. Thank you for the feedback. I would love to talk to you about improving it. You have my email address. Hope to here from you.

  3. Hi Janya,
    I’m not sure I have much more feedback to offer regarding your story “Churel”, but I am willing to open an email dialog with you. I ask that you please keep in mind that any additional feedback will be just from me personally, as Miriah Hetherington a fellow writer, and will not in any way be connected to Strange Horizons or my First Reader position there.

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