Change and a Haircut

Change is inevitable, I think we all know that. A lot of change we don’t have any control over. I’ll reframe from making a list because that would be endless. But some change is completely within my control. Like the length of my hair.

Miriah Hetherington, before haircut

Miriah before the haircut.

I’ve had long hair for most of my life. When I was little my mother kept it short, because she understandably didn’t want to deal with the effort involved. So when I was a kid, I always wanted long hair, and that desire stuck with me ever since.

Most people don’t change that much in their lifetimes, in my opinion. We can learn that there are more choices. We may even learn to control our behavior and make different, better choices. But, who we are usually stays pretty much the same.

Miriah Hetherington

Miriah with new haircut

I grew a little bored of my hair. I had to keep it braided most of the time otherwise it was in the way. Now, this short hair feels weird, like I’m missing an old friend. But hair grows back, right?

Hair Donated to Pantene program

Donated Hair

A few people have asked if I donated my hair to Locks of Love. That is a wonderful charity. When the twins were babies I donated my “pregnancy hair” to LoL. But Locks of Love doesn’t use hair that is gray or colored (they sell it) and nowadays my hair includes a bit of both. This time I donated to another charity my hair stylist told me about, Pantene Beautiful Lengths, that provides wigs to women cancer patients. Because not everybody gets to choose the length of their hair.


3 responses to “Change and a Haircut

  1. Gayle Weatherson

    Nice post, Miriah. Change and a haircut…LOL! A haircut and change. It does grow back. I once had mine cut about an inch long all over. I hardly recognized myself and I HATED it. I must have been insane, and I told Wm that If I ever contemplated getting my hair cut that short again to shoot me or something. I do like your new style, and am glad that you found a charity to donate all that wavy hair to. I won’t see you till May…doubtless it will have grown out some by then!

  2. What I love about Miriah’s blog: every post is about change and growth. You put yourself out there every day, and I’m just in awe.

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